The ground quakes as you gallop. The air quivers as you whinny. My skin is bestrewn with goose bumps as you breath into my face and into my hands. My hand shivers to the softness of your fur, to the touch of your velvet nostrils.

No one will ever understand why I love you as much as I do. And that is okay because I don’t have the words to tell them. I fail to put our relationship into words.
They’ll never know, that a touch of your soft mouth is as soothing as a mother’s hand’s caress, that sobbing and crying into your mane is as if softly crying into a pillow at night and that you licking the tears on my face is as consoling as nothing else in this world. 

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Well, I thought it was time to write a few words about me, eventhough there really isn’t much to tell.
I always find it very hard to describe myself, I never seem to find the right words.
But I’ll try.

First of all, I am no ordinary girl. My whole family isn’t ordinary, we are different from other families. But different good.
Eventhough I haven’t spent much time on this earth yet, I know a lot about it, I’ve seen a lot of it. More than some people get to see in their whole life. We travel a lot, go to many different countries. A few times a year we pack our bags and go some place new. And we move a lot. We are not nomadic, but we have lived in a few different places.
I have made many, many friends, I wouldn’t want to miss anymore. As I can always count on them, they can always count on me.
Generally, I am a person that gives up a lot for her beloved ones. I stay up long at night to listen to a sobbing friend on the phone, I wake up early to accompany a friend to the airport and say goodbye, I skip a few hours of school to pay a visit to a heart-broken friend that needs someone to talk to.
Still, I am imperfect. I make mistakes, and many of those, too! But I try to learn from them and give my best to never do them again. I am a very optimistic person. I’m usually not the one to moan or fuss about something, if I’m annoyed about something, I do something about it. I open my mouth and I say what I think. This characteristic caused me to not always make friends, a lot of people can’t stand to hear the truth. 
There are a lot of people, special people, that have made me who I am today, I am very thankful, to have those people in my life, they made me an original, different, a non-stereo-type.
They are the ones that tell me to stop dreaming. I am a dreamer. Usually I dream about what my life would be like if my parents wouldn’t have made one specific choice.Who I’d be now.  But that’s a different story .. you might get to hear it one day.

I think it’s time I stopped talking about myself, I could go on and on (didn’t I say there was not much to tell? Funny, how there is, if you take some time to think about it .. ) and would probably bore you. 





I love the summer. It means so many things to me. It means children screaming and laughing joyously out loud. It means water splashing and dripping and wet little feet on the hot ground. It means poofy hair, dried from the wind. Sparkly eyes, wide smiles, loud laughter, cold and wet skin, shiny teeth, happy faces everywhere.
Children running aroung licking ice cream, leaving behind drops of water on the ground.
Excited people running yards as soon as the little melody of the ice cream truck comes close.
Everyone is digging into melons, oranges and other fruit, juice is running from their chins.
Fully stuffed cars everywhere, enerved parents behind the steering wheel, excited children waving to strangers from the backseat.
Wind in your hair, hot sun on your skin and time to do the most important things to you, that is what summer is to me.
What is summer to you?

Splashing Ocean   

Tiny island in the mediterranean sea