Well, I thought it was time to write a few words about me, eventhough there really isn’t much to tell.
I always find it very hard to describe myself, I never seem to find the right words.
But I’ll try.

First of all, I am no ordinary girl. My whole family isn’t ordinary, we are different from other families. But different good.
Eventhough I haven’t spent much time on this earth yet, I know a lot about it, I’ve seen a lot of it. More than some people get to see in their whole life. We travel a lot, go to many different countries. A few times a year we pack our bags and go some place new. And we move a lot. We are not nomadic, but we have lived in a few different places.
I have made many, many friends, I wouldn’t want to miss anymore. As I can always count on them, they can always count on me.
Generally, I am a person that gives up a lot for her beloved ones. I stay up long at night to listen to a sobbing friend on the phone, I wake up early to accompany a friend to the airport and say goodbye, I skip a few hours of school to pay a visit to a heart-broken friend that needs someone to talk to.
Still, I am imperfect. I make mistakes, and many of those, too! But I try to learn from them and give my best to never do them again. I am a very optimistic person. I’m usually not the one to moan or fuss about something, if I’m annoyed about something, I do something about it. I open my mouth and I say what I think. This characteristic caused me to not always make friends, a lot of people can’t stand to hear the truth. 
There are a lot of people, special people, that have made me who I am today, I am very thankful, to have those people in my life, they made me an original, different, a non-stereo-type.
They are the ones that tell me to stop dreaming. I am a dreamer. Usually I dream about what my life would be like if my parents wouldn’t have made one specific choice.Who I’d be now.  But that’s a different story .. you might get to hear it one day.

I think it’s time I stopped talking about myself, I could go on and on (didn’t I say there was not much to tell? Funny, how there is, if you take some time to think about it .. ) and would probably bore you. 


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