I love the heat. I have always loved the heat. While everyone was looking for some shade to sit in, I was enjoying the sun to the fullest, trying to caputre evey ray of sunlight.
I love the way the heat makes the air flicker, I love the way the heat smells, I like how every stone and every blade of grass feels warm to my feet as I step on it.
But what I love even more, is the reliefing thunder storm, after a long, hot day.
I enjoy sitting on the front porch while the rain tickles my feet and the lightnings lighten up our whole street. The air smells of rain, so fresh und prickly.
The thunder makes the earth quake. Drops of rain are falling from the trees onto my shoulders. I love the feeling of raindrops on my skin, it makes everything feel so real.
I am always looking forward to those long and hot nights. They make me sweat, make me dream. Make me dream crazy stuff, let my imagination run wild, let me explore whole new worlds. 

Taken after a very hot but nice day in nafplio, greece 

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