I hate, how many people I know have never been outside their country. How they have never experienced different cultures, how they have never met different people with different views of the world.
I refer to myself as a very lucky person, my parents are travellers. Together we travel the world, we fly to the most exotic countries, talk to their inhabitants, look at the world from their point of view and let them show us their world.
I have met so many amazing people, seen so many amazing things and ate the most mouth-watering foods in the world. I just can’t keep myself from sharing my experiences with you.

I will start off with a little trip to india my family and I took in 2006.

We took a plane to Dehli, a very large city. We took a cab to our hotel. It was hot. The cab smelled. It was loud outside. So many cars! The streets were old, the cab was jumping up and down all the time. There were too many people sharing one car. I saw one car with 9 people in it.
On the other side of the road I saw many people. Poor people. Beggars. Sick people. Almost naked grown-ups and children. Limping people. Injured people. Loneley children. But all of them with a huge smile on their face.
Because of the traffic we didn’t move very fast. I took my time to watch a little girl, she wasn’t wearing any shoes, she was dirty, her hair wasn’t combed but she looked very happy while playing with her friends. She turned to look at me in the cab, at the moment we started driving again. She had a huge grin on her face.
The hotel was very steril. We didn’t want to stay there very long so we explored the city. The city it was very modern, lots of shops and shopping centers, well dressed people, many expats. We went out for dinner that night. We had very delicious food. I have eaten indian food before, as it is my favorite type of food, but never real indian food. It was so good!
We stayed in Delhi a couple of days, went to museums, explored the Jami Masjid and went to the Lal Qila.
Then we left for a little village, outside of Delhi. The sister of a friend of my dad’s lives there and offered us a room to stay in in her big house. She had her husband pick us up. We squeezed ourselves into his car, where his two sons and niece where already sitting. The streets where nothing compared to the ones in Delhi, I must have bumped my head at least 5 times. After about half an hour of driving we finally arrived at the house where we were staying at. The woman introduced herself as Madhu, she wore a dark blue sari and showed us our room. It was a tiny but very nice room. The house was a house of normal size and I was wondering the whole time how 8 people fit unter that roof.
Madhu made amazing food, whenever I had the time, I helped her. She showed me how to make traditional indian food.
Her husband took us to the plantations every other day, we helped him with his work out there. Afterwards we got to meet the people from their village, they were excited about my white skin and my blond-brownish hair. They couldn’t stop touching and combing it.
At the end of the village there was a very poor family, they made very beautiful hats and scarves. I couldn’t resist, so I bought this beautiful golden scarf. The woman who made it was so grateful, she’d give me a handful of indian cookies and shake my hand every day.
Madhu and her family were so nice to us, in return I showed her how to make some european food, she was amazed by the herb-muffins I made with her, she has never tasted anything like that before.
It made me very sad when we left, the people were so kind to us, they have taught & showed us so much, but I am thankful, I got to see this part of india, too, not only beautiful Delhi and its mostly rich people. 
I hope, that one day I can go back to India, as it is a very special country, whit its cows on the streets, the beautiful saris the women wear and the huge grins you can see everywhere! 
Outside Delhi

Madhus daughter

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