Adventures in Germany & Croatia '12

Going to Germany always feels like coming home. Knowing, that there is someone waiting for us to arrive, always makes me really excited.
I spent the first couple of years of my life in Germany, I grew up surrounded by really nice people with funny accents and ate the most delicious foods, like the Thuringian sausage for supper.
I never noticed how beautiful Germany is and how characteristic most of us Germans are; until we moved.
Now we go back twice a year and we stay with my aunt & her family. We grew up together and she is more to me than just an aunt.
We didn’t really do much that is worth jotting down, it was really hot and we prefered to stay inside the cool house. I went to walk with her dog 3 times a day though, Sally & I took very beautiful, long walks.
And we cooked together every day. 3 women, 1 kitchen, many ideas means a lot of different dishes!
It always makes me sad when we have to leave again, I love Germany, I love the people living there and I love my aunt & uncle and their children!

We went back home in order to re-pack because only a few days later we left for Croatia.

The drive to Croatia was long, we were stuck in a traffic jam at the border to Croatia for 2.5 hours! Out of boredom I started waving at children in the cars next to us, I made a lot of new friends that day, haha!
We all were so glad when we finally arrived at Porec. Porec is a tiny city at the coast.
We immediatley unpacked and explored the town. It is such a charming place to be!
It was a very nice trip, we always had about a hundred degrees and I sure got tan.

This happened by accident but I like it a lot!

On a ship to a town that was once led by Pirates

Soil in Croatia

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