Today hasn’t been a very good day. I woke up in a very bad mood. On those days, usually, I go to my favorite Starbucks Café, sit in one of the cozy chairs with my Moccha Frappucino, stare out of the window and let my mind spin. Afterwards I normally feel much better.
But when I arrived today, I saw, that all of the coxy chairs were taken. Bad omen!
I ended up sitting in one of the hard, wooden chairs, sipping my Frappucino. There was no window and my mind wouldn’t spin as always. That’s why I left Starbucks in a bad mood.

I paved my way through the mass of people, constantly bumping into someone (or someone into me). I wanted to say sorry but people didn’t even look up, didn’t seem to notice, just kept walking.
I was waiting for the train. The train station was crowded. The air smelled of cigarettes and sweat. Birds everywhere. My train arrived and I squeezed myself through the doors, elbow to elbow with a dozen other people. Quickly I took one of only few available seats. Right before the doors closed an elderly woman made her way into the train, leaning on her cane. All of a sudden everyone else was staring out of the window, pretending to not see the woman.
Have people always been this rude and ignorant?!
I gave her my seat and she smiled at me thankfully. 

People were standing in front of the doors when I had to get out. Somehow nobody heard my "excuse me, please" and nobody moved an inch. I literally had to shove people aside to get out. 
Confused and angry, I went home. 
I walked slowly through the little streets, passing hooting cars with enerved drivers, rude bycicle riders that didn't care to ring their bike bell, walking past unfriendly neighbours that didn't bother to smile back or say something. 

I feel trapped in this busy, fast world with its unfriendly and rude inhabitants. Right now I am wishing for nothing but wide open spaces so I can avoid people that don't bother to say they're sorry after stepping on my toes.  
I want to leave Europe in the fall, get away from the busy life and enjoy some nice days somewhere in the countryside. 
Any ideas?

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