Cara Mia!

A few weeks ago i had one if these cliche "dream-come-true"-experiences: my dad finally gave in and allowed me to have a dog. 
Ever since I was little I wanted to have one. Every time I saw one on the streets I ran to pet it, every time i saw a little puppy i simply had to cuddle it. 
But my dad always made clear that he doesn't want me to have a dog.  
I don't know why but when we asked him that night (once again) he simply said "fine". 
Bewildered with excitement I went to the animal shelter with my mum and I already saw myself walking out of there with a dog walking next to me. 
But under these hundreds of dogs there wasn't a single one, I would have considered calling mine. Most of them had behavioral problems or didn't get along with other dogs/animals. 
I was so frustrated that I almost gave up. But that's when my mom found a tiny announcement on the Internet that talked about a private shelter with a picture of a scared looking dog that reminded me of a cow. 
Against my will, she asked if the dog could stay at our house for one day, to see if she fits into our lives. 
She doesn't. But we fell for her. 
I don't know if it was smart to keep her but I adore her and I am willing to invest a lot of time into her to make her a well mannered and well behaving dog. 

It's been a little over 3 weeks since she spent her first night at our house and she is absolutely wonderful. She sits on my lap and I stroke her and rub her belly for hours, she already knows how to sit, lie down and walk correctly on the leash. Only 3 weeks ago she pulled me through the park. 

(both photographs by my incredible friend Denise)

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