Cara scaring us

It has been going well with our new dog. I taught her how to sit and lie down and she isn’t pulling anuymore while on the leash. She also knows to come here and we are training her how to wait at the moment.
I had a lot of friends visiting and they all admired and adored Cara especially when she began pulling those cute looks and staring at you with her large puppy eyes.

But it has not always been that easy going. There are days where she ignores me completely and I am calling her name and running after her like a fool in the park and there are days where she escapes into the brushwood while on the long leash (20 metres), and gets caught up in there so that I have to crawl in the dirt on my knees, branches scratching my face.

But I still love her. That’s why I was about to cry when Cara happened to be really sick on Sunday. She had a very bad stomche ache and was whining all day long. She was fine while I slowly stroked her stomach, but as soon as I stopped she was wincing and cranking her back.. It hurt seeing pain in her eyes and the sound of her restless nails clicking the floor made my ears ache.
She was constantely at my heels and begging me to sroke and cuddle her. And I just couldn’t say ‘no’ to her pleading eyes so we spent the whole day on her pillow .
I made her some tea and on Monday morning she was much better, it still frightened me though, up to that day I didn’t know how much she means to me already.  

sickl Cara seeking support

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