And off she goes!

And off she goes!

Today Cara & I made a huge step forward.
We went to the park where we met up with the group of people we usually walk with once or twice a week. There are always about 4 to 8 dogs and it’s a lot of fun to chat with their owners.
Cara has only once been off-leash and this one time didn’t go too well. For the past couple of weeks she has always been on her 65ft leash.
Tonight she was very active, she was running around crazily, fetching all the sticks I threw and played with the other dogs. Especially with this one dog, Puppi. When the two dogs ran into the trees in a zigzag I just let go of the leash. We have practiced this before when she was about 5ft away from me. I let go of the leash, call her, she comes towards me, gets a treat and I take the leash again.
But this time she didn’t seem to hear me. She and the other dog ran toward a little steep hill that is placed in the middle of the park. I called her again but the two dogs were gone. Unfortunately, right behind the hill is a street.
Scared for Caras life (I already saw her crash into a car as it was dark already!) I called for her again. The owner of the other dog also called his dog. Nothing moved.
All of a sudden, on the other end of the hill I saw a flashing red light, a light like Cara has on her collar. The light grew bigger and bigger and there she was, galopping towards me, her ears flying. I knelt down and she ran into my arms and almost threw me on the ground. As we have trained, she sat down immediately and waited for me to praise her. And I did! I stuffed a handful of treats into her mouth and hugged her close to my heart.
The other people told me she was great and when I asked for how long Cara was gone, they replied ’30 seconds, at most’. It felt like minutes!

Writing about this still makes me all teary, I always knew my dog is awesome, but THIS awesome?! How do I deserve her?

Something that is making me worry though, is her eye condition. On Wednesday we noticed that her eye is really red and watering. It has gotten better but it’s not all gone yet!

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