Bad Phone Call

Bad  Phone Call

When the phone rang a few weeks ago I knew this was going to be bad news. I didn’t even want to answer, something told me not to.
But I had to, and so I did.
When I heard the voice of Karma’s vet, I silently passed the phone on to my mom. I didn’t even want to hear what he had to say. It couldn’t be good news, he usually e-mails us good findings. And of course, it was bad news. He told us that Karma is very sick and that it is serious.
After an hour of crying I started praying. After that I felt much better, but I knew, the worries would come back with the night. I didn’t want to sleep, I was too scared of the dreams the dark would leave me with. So I started looking at old picutres. I ended up looking at pictures of Karma and cried myself to sleep.
To make a long (& stupid) story short, the next time the phone rang it was good news! She was already much better and our vet told us that in a couple of days she will be galopping on the pastures again.
When I heard the good news I cried again (normally I am not that whiny, haha) and I can’t even describe how good and EASED I felt!

Sometimes I forget how much she means to me ..

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